Jewel Jewel Match



Jewel Jewel Match is a matching puzzle game created by game creator KANATO SAKAHURI

Jewel Jewel Match is a matching puzzle game formerly planned by game creator KANATO SAKAHURI, a friend of game creator Tanaka Kazuhiro.

KANATO SAKAHURI is currently missing, but before his disappearance, he entrusted Tanaka with a proposal and the creation of the game.

This time, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Tanaka for his intentions.

The game is a game about the desire to create a game that is both fun and entertaining!

5 types of gemstones that evoke a sense of divinity.

Matching is achieved by tracing three or more gems of the same type.

All the gems are available.

Aimed at all the gems, the game is a great way to enjoy the game.


This work is a horror story.

螳溷惠縺ョ莠コ迚ゥ 蝗」菴薙→縺ッ髢「菫ゅ≠繧翫∪縺帙s縲?

Product Specifications

Compatible OS



iOS: Free

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Kazuhiro Tanaka

I’m a horror game creator who keeps making games in the world of the living. Planning,scenarios,graphics,music,and programming are done all by myself.

Jewel Jewel Match -ジュジュマ-

Jewel Jewel Match -ジュジュマ-

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