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This was the day Mr. M wanted to go out with all his friends to celebrate his high school graduation.

M. was the only one who suddenly got a stomach ache.

M, who was always strong and never got sick, lamented his bad luck at that time.

But even as he lamented, his stomach began to hurt.

However, the stomachache only got worse.

He was still feeling a little better by the time it was time to play.

I was willing to go even if I had to push myself if it would get somewhat better by playtime.

But in the meantime, it was a few minutes before the meeting time.

As expected, I gave up.

As expected, I gave up....

That?fs what Mr. M thought.

Man M thought so, and sent an e-mail of refusal.

Then he asked, "Why did you come?

Then he received a reply saying, "Why didn?ft you come?

My friend was looking forward to it a lot, and maybe I made him angry because I cancelled the meeting so late.

But then again, he was sick, so what could he do?...

He thought so, but the pain was unbearable, and Mr. M fell asleep.

It was in the evening when Mr. M woke up, he said, to the sound of the telephone.

It was Ms. M?fs mother who called.

"You, you, you.

"Are you, are you alright!"

As soon as she picked up the phone, her mother shouted at her, and Ms. M., slightly taken back, asked, "Na...what?fs going on?"

"I?fm fine! Ms. M asked back, slightly taken aback.

Then, Ms. M?fs friend asked, "What?fs going on?

Then she told him that a friend of hers had been in a car accident.

When her mother saw the news, she was worried that Ms. M was with him, and called her from work.

The car accident was a truck ramming into an intersection, and everyone there was killed instantly.

The time and date of the accident was right around the time of the rendezvous.

But... when Mr. M heard the time, he felt strange.

Because it was 15 minutes after the meeting time when he received the e-mail.



Ichihiro Tanaka

Horror game writer. He creates total games from planning, scenario, graphics, music, and programming, and also teaches games as a writer and lecturer. Of course, he also plays games as a gamer. Doctor of Monsters. President of Wuah!



It is a story that someone experienced.
A true horror story that will send shivers down your back....

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